The 5 Best Elementary Schools in Reno, Nevada

The best elementary schools in Reno Nevada

Education, especially in the primary levels, is an integral part of children’s development and growth. Being able to access high quality education is a large factor, especially when moving to a new city.

Reno, Nevada is home to a large number of well rated schools which provide excellent education to children of all ages. Both public and private schools throughout the city strive to serve students individually, ensuring they are set up for future success. Below is a snapshot of the best elementary schools in Reno, Nevada.

Hunter Lake Elementary School

909 Hunter Lake Drive, Reno, Nevada

Located within the Washoe County School District, Hunter Lake Elementary School serves roughly 360 students from pre kindergarten through the sixth grade. The well ranking elementary school has been rated 18th out of the over 380 public elementary schools within the state and 4th out of the 66 primary schools in Washoe County.

Students who attend Hunter Lake Elementary School enjoy a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 19. Friendly staff and teachers strive to provide a warm and welcoming learning environment where all students feel safe and accepted.

Review: “Hunter Lake Elementary School has a wonderful staff! They truly care about kids and put every effort into making sure their students are safe and happy. They also have amazing instruction. Their practices are research based and result in great learning opportunities. The principal is friendly, helpful, and always an advocate for what is best for students! A great leader! A great staff! You can't go wrong here!”

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Caughlin Ranch Elementary School

4885 Village Green Parkways, Reno, Nevada

Caughlin Ranch Elementary School is a well rated primary school located within the master planned community of Caughlin Ranch. The school welcomes students from pre kindergarten through grade six. There are about 575 students who attend the well loved school during the academic year.

According to state test scores, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School students are approximately 80% proficient in math and over 85% proficient in reading. The school has also performed well when compared to others, ranking 3rd out of 66 schools within the district and 15th out of the 388 schools in the state. The school has a SWAS (School Within A School) which is geared at serving gifted and talented students to ensure they have all necessary resources to excel.

Caughlin Ranch Elementary School employs 27 full time teachers and enjoys a low teacher to student ratio of 1 to 20. The staff and teachers work hard to provide a safe and wholesome learning environment for the students who attend.

Review: “Awesome school! Teachers are very nice and make sure your child feels welcomed and heard. We have never had an issue with any of the staff or other students. Sent all my children to Caughlin Ranch Elementary and didn’t regret it once!”

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ROY Gomm Elementary School

4000 Mayberry Drive, Reno, Nevada

Roy Gomm Elementary School, home of the gophers, is a highly ranked elementary school, receiving higher ratings than over 99% of primary schools in the county. The school first opened its doors in Washoe County in 1966 and was named for long time educator Roy Gomm, who served students throughout Northern Nevada.

The mission of the school is to provide each student with a safe, challenging and positive learning environment ensuring they reach their highest potential and become tolerant, productive, and independent citizens of our community. Along with teachers, the entire school community holds high standards for students and looks forward to watching them develop both academically and socially.

In 2018, Roy Gomm Elementary School was the recipient of the coveted National Blue Ribbon award which named it a school of excellence. A source of great pride for the students and staff, the school continues to maintain high standards and provide all necessary resources to students. There are approximately 475 students who attend the primary school which offers two Comprehensive Life Skills classes for students with intellectual and/or physical disabilities as well as SWAS classes for gifted and talented students.

Review: “Great school with even better teachers! Parents are also very strong at supporting the school financially. All around an excellent option for families!”

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Rollan Melton Elementary School

6575 Archimedes Lane, Reno, Nevada

Rollan Melton Elementary School is a well ranked and well loved primary school located in the Northwest section of Reno, Nevada. Welcoming just over 540 students through pre kindergarten through grade six, Rollan Melton Elementary School has ranked better than nearly 95% of primary schools in the state.

Home to the Melton Mountain Lions, the school is known to be a welcoming and accepting institute striving to provide students from all backgrounds a safe learning environment. Teachers, parents and staff work together to ensure each student who attends Rollan Melton Elementary has all the necessary resources to reach their highest potential.

Review: “Really like this school! Being a single mom and new to the area, I was incredibly nervous about the school my children went to. The office staff is super helpful and my children's teachers are great!!!”

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Mount Rose Elementary School

915 Lander Street, Reno, Nevada

The oldest school in Washoe County, Mount Rose Elementary School is located within downtown Reno. The highly rated school welcomes students from kindergarten through grade eight and sees roughly 486 students throughout the year. The historic school was built in 1911 and is on the list of National Historic Places.

The mission of Mount Rose Elementary School is to collaboratively create a community of intercultural understanding by guiding students to become leaders who are challenged to reach their highest potential. The school is actively succeeding as they were named a Nation Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2018.

Mount Rose Elementary School is a dual language, Spanish Immersion school which focuses on school-wide college and career readiness and foreign language begins at the kindergarten level. The intense focus on culture and relationship aids the school in providing a diverse and accepting learning atmosphere.

Review: “Marvelous & unique school. Love that they promote different languages such as Spanish, Greek, Mandarin& French and they teach Spanish to the preschoolers! Everyone is friendly, polite and the teachers are really involved and caring towards their students. Viva Mount Rose Academy of Languages!”

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Reno, Nevada is a beautiful and family friendly city which offers a plethora of excellent schools which serve students of all ages. With many young families moving to the area, the Washoe County School District constantly strives to ensure each student is receiving the best education possible. Regardless of where you decide to enroll your child one can be confident that the staff, teachers and parents share the common goal of providing a safe and enriching learning environment.

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