Top 5 Best Neighborhoods to Retire in Sparks, NV

Top 5 Best Places to Retire in Sparks NV

The Best Neighborhoods in Sparks, NV for Retirees

Sparks is the hidden gem of Nevada for retirees. In Reno's suburb of Sparks, retirees enjoy an exceptional quality of life. As active seniors enter their golden years, this town offers plenty of activities and natural beauty that will keep them engaged and healthy.

Seniors love the small-town feel that Sparks has to offer, as well as knowing that they have all amenities just a short distance away. Sparks is home to the Sparks Museum & Cultural Center as well as Sparks Heritage Museum. Each museum holds a plethora of historical information on the area, as well as fun activities for children to enjoy when they come to visit.

Along with the museums, Sparks also has a variety of casinos and resorts to choose from. There are four within the town limits of Sparks, as well as multiple others in the neighboring city of Reno. 

Top 5 Best Neighborhoods to Retire in Sparks, NV.

Top 5 Best Places to Retire in Sparks, NV.

Sparks is not just an indoor activity town. There is a multitude of outdoor activities for retirees to enjoy in and around Sparks, Nevada.

Wild Island Family Adventure Park is a water park located inside the town and offers multiple pools, slides, and other water activities. This is the perfect place to bring the grandchildren for a full day of fun when they come to visit!

Along with the water park, Sparks Marina Park is a beautiful area to enjoy the sights of the surrounding landscapes. Sparks Marina Park offers boating, fishing, picnic areas, a dog park, and a walking path for people to enjoy. This is the perfect place for seniors to enjoy a quiet picnic, or get some exercise while enjoying the beautiful scenery the park has to offer!

Locally, there are many walking paths, as well as hiking trails for any level right outside of town. 

The number one thing retirees ask of us is to find them the best neighborhood in town, and that is where they want to live. Due to differences in perspectives, priorities, and lifestyles, what one person thinks is the best neighborhood, could be the worst for another person. 

That is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 best places to retire in Sparks, Nevada, so prospective homeowners can get a sneak preview of the neighborhoods in Sparks.

This will also help prospective homeowners decide which neighborhood fits them the best!

Spanish Springs

Spanish Springs is located to the Northeast of Sparks and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Griffith Canyon is located in the Spanish Springs neighborhood and holds several galleries of petroglyphs. This gorgeous area is quiet, but also has lots of both indoor and outdoor activities for retirees to participate in. 

Spanish Springs Real Estate

The community of Spanish Springs is diverse with friendly residents and a quiet ambiance. Homes in this neighborhood are generally medium to large-sized, which can range from 2 to 5 bedrooms. 

Most of the real estate in Spanish Springs is primarily single-family homes, but there are a few high-rise apartments and condos to choose from.

In the current market, houses in this community generally range between $150,000 to $600,000.

Nearby Amenities and Activities

Spanish Springs has all amenities for daily living. There is a Wal-Mart Supercenter as well as a Marshall’s and Costco for residents to retrieve groceries from. There are several retail and beauty stores for shopping.

Just outside of Spanish Springs is the Animal Ark which is an animal wildlife sanctuary that focuses on wildlife education and environmental stewardship. The sanctuary is about a 40-minute drive away, but is worth every moment spent enjoying the sanctuary! Inside Spanish Springs is the Griffith Canyon which is a mild 2-mile trail that holds petroglyph galleries. This is perfect for retirees who like to stay active and want to incorporate the history of the area into their exercise. 

There are multiple parks, as well as a skatepark for residents to enjoy whenever they please. The full playgrounds allow retirees a place to take their grandchildren to have a picnic and have some fun when they visit. 


  • Reno, NV - 12.2 miles via NV-405 S (20 minutes)
  • Carson City, NV - 32.1 miles via I-580 (36 minutes)
  • Incline Village, NV - 36.9 miles via I-580 (47 minutes)
  • Gardnerville, NV - 50.3 miles via I-580 N (53 minutes)

Calle De La Plata

This neighborhood is family-friendly and located on the northern side of Sparks. This community is full of families and gives the ultimate sense of safety. Calle De La Plata is quiet, but there is still plenty of fun for retirees to find. 

Calle De La Plata Real Estate

The homes in this neighborhood are exclusively single-family homes that are detached. This gives the residents a sense of privacy while still being able to be friendly neighbors. These homes tend to be medium to large-sized with an average of 3-5 bedrooms. The lots are more spacious than other neighborhoods as well. 

The average price of homes in the Calle De La Plata neighborhood is between $350,000 and $530,000. 

Nearby Amenities and Activities

Though this neighborhood is more rural than others, there are still plenty of amenities and activities for the residents of Calle De La Plata. If it cannot be found in the community, Spanish Springs has every amenity and it’s only a 10-minute drive away. 

Griffiths Canyon is located nearby and has a two-mile moderate trail for active retirees to enjoy. Along the way, they will be able to see petroglyphs and learn about the history of the area while enjoying the beautiful landscape. There are other hiking and mountain biking trails for seniors to enjoy as well. 

In under 20 minutes, Calle De La Plata residents can be in downtown Sparks or Reno and enjoy the nightlife, restaurants, and casinos. There is also plenty of shopping, cultural art centers, and entertainment venues. 


  • Reno, NV - 15.2 miles via NV-405 S (25 minutes)
  • Carson City, NV - 41.3 miles via I-580 S (51 minutes)
  • Incline Village, NV - 47.5 miles via NV-431 W (60 minutes)
  • Gardnerville, NV - 61.4 miles via I-580 S (1hour, 10 minutes)

Wingfield Springs

The Wingfield Springs community is a pristine neighborhood located between the Red Hawk Golf Course and the Golden Eagle Regional Park. This upscale neighborhood has stunning views and plenty of amenities for daily living. 

Wingfield Springs Real Estate

The real estate opportunities in this community are diverse with there being condominiums, single-family homes, and luxury estates. The high-end finishes, designer touches, and impressive views give the Wingfield Springs neighborhood a distinguished touch that other neighborhoods do not have. 

Depending upon the style, location, and type of home the prices in this community generally start at over $1 million. 

Nearby Amenities and Activities

The Red Hawk Golf Course and Resort is the crown jewel of Wingfield Springs. The pristine greens and quiet atmosphere together can make a perfect day for golf. Retirees love the fact that this course is not usually busy, except on rare occasions for tournaments. The perfectly maintained course is only for members, and Wingfield Springs senior residents greatly appreciate it. 

Easily accessible trails wind throughout the whole neighborhood and they are easily accessible. Some of these trails connect to the Lazy 5 Regional Park which has a multitude of outdoor activities for retirees to enjoy during the day. 

Retail and beauty shopping and everyday errands can be found nearby. There is a Costco, Best Buy, and HomeDepot for residents of Wingfield Springs to enjoy.


  • Reno, NV - 13.3 miles via NV-405 S (23 minutes)
  • Carson City, NV - 39.8 miles via I-580 S (51 minutes)
  • Incline Village, NV - 44.2 miles via NV-431 W (60 minutes)
  • Gardnerville, NV - 58.1 miles via I-580 S (1 hour, 10 minutes)


Vista is a quiet neighborhood located on the eastern side of Sparks. Due to it being farther away from the downtown area of Sparks, retirees enjoy the secluded neighborhood and the extra space. It’s still close enough to be at the bank, grocery store, or downtown Sparks within a few minutes. 

Vista Real Estate

The real estate opportunities in the Vista neighborhood are very diverse. Townhomes, condos, multifamily dwellings, and single-family homes can be found within this community. Being a more rural area, the home sits on a comfortable amount of space, this area is perfect for retirees or empty nesters. 

The price of homes within the Vista community can range between $400,000 and $600,000. 

Nearby Amenities and Activities

The best of both worlds can be found when living in the Vista neighborhood. Whatever they are in the mood for, residents can easily access downtown Sparks, and Reno to have fun at one of the casinos, or they can access one of the neighboring recreational areas to enjoy some outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. 

Located inside the neighborhood is Shadow Mountain Park which is decently sized. A full playground, picnic area, sports fields, and hiking trails are just a few of the things Shadow Mountain Park has to offer the retirees of Vista. 


  •  Reno, NV - 8.7 miles via I-80 W(15 minutes)
  • Carson City, NV - 36.9 miles via I-580 S (43 minutes)
  • Incline Village, NV - 41.4 miles via NV-431 W (54 minutes)
  • Gardnerville, NV - 55.2 miles via I-580 S (1 hour)

Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch is a neighborhood that provides the ultimate suburban atmosphere. Located on the northern side of Sparks, retirees of Sky Ranch enjoy the friendly neighborhood and excellent access to nearby amenities, entertainment, and outdoor activities. 

Sky Ranch Real Estate

Homes in Sky Ranch are generally single-family detached homes with approximately two to four bedrooms on comfortably sized lots. Most of the homes in this community were built after 2000, but there are a few that were built in the 1970s or 1990s. 

Homes in the Sky Ranch neighborhood generally range between $300,000 and $400,000. 

Nearby Amenities and Activities

Sky Ranch is located right next to Pyramid Way which offers residents direct access to major roadways that will take them to cities like Reno quickly and efficiently. 

In just a few minutes, residents can find shopping, grocery stores, banks, doctor’s offices, and any other service that may be needed. 

There are many parks located within Sky Ranch for retirees to enjoy a picnic or some afternoon exercise. There are at least 5 parks that can be found within a short 5-minute drive. The sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails, and mountain biking opportunities in the area are endless, and that is why the Sky Ranch community is so popular amongst seniors these days.

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